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 can someone tell me how much power a 'geforce 3 ti200, 64mb' graphics card

and what could i replace it with??

im told my system only has 150 watt power supply, and i cant upgrade the
graphics card. but the geforece 3, requires more then 200 watts power
anyway, so couldnt i upgrade to a geforce 4 or 5??
im thinking of upgraading to a gf5 128mb. would that work??



Re: graphics card help

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Not a hope in hell.

Grumpy Old Man.
Same shit, different day.

Re: graphics card help

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A 150 watt supply is way too small...
Don't skimp...get a good quality supply of at least 300 watts...

350 watts or more would be a good idea though

Re: graphics card help

On Sat, 03 Jun 2006 18:36:42 GMT, "David"

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About 4.5A on the 5V rail (of the PSU).

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Just about anything?  What are your needs?  A Geforce 6600
should be a roughly similar card, but faster.

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You might elaborate a bit on this, what exactly do you mean?
Is the GF3Ti200 failing?  Any low-end card will consume less
power.  Take your pick, if you aren't a gamer then most any
would suffice for typical uses.

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The total power supply wattage needed depends on the rest of
the system, not just that video card.  For example, if your
system had 256MB memory, 1 hard drive, and a Celeron 700,
those and that card could run from a decent 150W supply.  It
wouldn't be ideal but it can be done with the right parts

Does you system have a full ATX or mATX supply?  If mATX,
you're limited to about 200W real watts out of one, and
presuming this is an older system now you have to be
particular about the PSU you choose as the newer ones
provide more 12V current, less 5V, with your system tending
to need the 5V current far more.

Newer cards don't necessarily use more power.  The lower-end
cards do consume less.  here's one,

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Why?  After a certain point the rest of the system is a
bottleneck to gaming and it won't gain in non-gaming
scenarios.  We don't even know exactly what card you mean by
"GF5" as there are a half-dozen variants if not more, but
just going by memory, 128MB is not necessary for non-gaming

We can better advise on the most performance effective
solution after knowing more about your system.  If you
really need high performance it might be the time to replace
the whole thing.

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