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Hi all,

I decided to go with the Ausus A8N-SLI Premium as a motherboard. Higher spec
than I probably need, but I liked it.

I'm trying to decide on a PCI-Express graphics card. My budget at the moment
is 120.

I doubt I'll get an SLI compatible graphics card at this price, will I? (If
not I'll get two in the future when prices drop and I have a little more
money to spend).

In the mean time, what do you suggest for this price?

I've been looking at the
'Point of View GeForce 6600 GT 128MB'
'PNY Verto GeForce 6 6600GT PCI-E 128MB' (has good reviews on e-buyer)
'Sapphire X800GTO 256mb GDDR3 PCI-E VGA/TVO/DVI'
'Connect 3D X800GTO 256MB GDDR3 PCI-E DVI VIVO'

but am open to other suggestions.

I'm still interested in the idea of a water cooled pc, so a compatible
graphics card would be useful.


Re: Graphics Card

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Nooooooooooooooooo no, never, no, not ever, never, no! Nooooooooooooooooooo!

I have an A8N-Sli (AFAICT the only realy change in the Premium was a higher
price tage and some extra LAN-based stuff)...and....oh had driven
me insane. I've had a few problems with it - but it's been running ok for
some time now. Hopefully they were just 'teething' troubles and everything
has settled down now.
I still haven't gotten around to getting the replacement chipset fan that
ASUS provide to purchasers of these mobos.

But yeah...I *strongly* recommend you seriously look into other SLI-capable
Just my feelings.

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Re: Graphics Card

Oppps. Already delivered.

Oh well. I guess I have the manufacturers warranty if anything goes
seriously wrong.

I went for the premium version because there is no fan on the motherboard,
just a long pipe to soak up the heat.

Right now though, I'm concerned about which graphics card to get.


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Re: Graphics Card

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Sorry to freak you out. I'm sure it will be ok - I do seem to have a strange
touch with computer parts (they look at me and decide to crack it, resulting
in errors no-one has ever heard of before).

I was not aware of the heatsink pipe thingy on the premium...altho I assume
this will remove the need to replace the chipset fan.

Good luck with it all!

I would recommend the 6600GTs. I have never heard of Point of View before,
which leads me to hesitate about whether it will be a good card or not.

At the end of the day, all these manufacturers are making cards built to
minimum specifications made by nVidia. Which means there are two ways of
looking at how to choose a manufacturer:

If you're into high-end gaming (which you probably aren't if you're opting
for a 6600GT), then you want a card that will overclock well.

If you're not, then you want a card that will come with the most appropriate
accessories. If you haven't already done so, just google both cards (the two
6600GTs that is) to see what comes with them. After some searching you'll
find sites out there that have reviewed everything from the creative use of
solder in the cards to the smell of the plastic (I'm not joking...well maybe
a little ;) ).

By the way, 6600GTs are now SLI- capable! Which is great news for you...and
hey! Just looking over this I can see that Point of View 6600GT card is not
even listed as compatible, but PNY is! So that might make things easier for

But if you're planning on buying two cards now, ready for SLI, I'd suggest
you invest some time into finding a single-card solution that would
outperform a SLI setup (ie., 1x 6800GT or Ultra). Toms Hardware Guide can
help you

Good luck! If you need more help, don't forget to ask us at

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Re: Graphics Card

Dragoncarer wrote:
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Just get the X800 GTO2 for about 145 to 155 it's a limited edition but
you can unlock the 4 extra pipes and overclock it and it matches a 6800
GT !!!

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