Good drive is "raw" when put in new PC.....

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I have my new Athlon 64 PC up and running. Both old and new PCs have
Win XP Pro Corporate as the OS. ALL my drives, old and new,  are NTFS
formatted.  I have removed the Samsung IDE 250 gb drive (my old C:
boot drive) from the old Athlon XP PC and installed it into the new PC
as primary slave. I moved the jumper over one row so that it is
configured for SLAVE.  THE BIOS recognizes the drive and identifies it primary slave.   In the old system, it was partitioned
into two logical drives of abt 125 gb each.  Well,   when I check this
Samsung old C: drive in Windows, it says it is unformatted, "would you
like to format it now"?  However, it can only format it to 34 GB, if I
continue , telling it to format it.  There is lots of data on it that
I would rather not lose, although I do have it backed up to an
external MYBOOK drive.
   I know the drives contents are still good, as I have already
swapped it back into my old system once....just to be sure it didn't
all get deleted.
   I suspect this may be due to the fact that it has a logical
partition, and the new Windows can't read the MBR. I have Acronis
Partion manager around somewhere and could installi it on the new
machine.....could this rescue the disk and make it readable by the new
operationg system?

    If it had been telling me that it had the actual capacity of 250
gig, I would probably have gine ahead and reformatted it...but
soemthing is really screwed up for Windows to think it has only 34 gb!


Re: Good drive is "raw" when put in new PC.....

On Mon, 20 Aug 2007 11:53:30 -0500, geronimo

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Recheck the jumper, it may be wrong.

Re: Good drive is "raw" when put in new PC.....

geronimo wrote:
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Any chance that your drive is anything like a SP2514N? If so, you should
be aware that the drive has an optional jumper which limits the drive
capacity to 32gB and which would probably cause all former
partitioning/formatting/data to be unavailable. Check the manual or if
you don't have one, look at

This link probably will have a bad line break in it but I'll leave it to
you to put it back together yourself.

John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

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