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For those of you who fix other people's computers (including friends'),
what hourly rate do you charge?


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and how much can we invoice you for answering your questions on

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jmc wrote:
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Depends what they can afford. Your average guy in the street won't want
to pay much more than 50 ($85?) for a reinstall or several hours of
virus/spyware removal. With the falling price of PC's themselves, it
would be difficult to justify a bill for a lot more, though no doubt
some people try, or indeed do. Fixing company computers could be a lot
more lucrative.

Computer shops I've seen tend to charge 25 an hour for this type of
work. Maybe a bit less (15 an hour) for hardware installation. They'll
typically build a PC from scratch for 50 to 80, sometimes all-in,
sometimes labour charges on top.

If it's for friends, give yourself a 'price', say 10 an hour. You might
want to agree to set an upper limit though as it often takes way longer
than you expect. If you're putting in 12 hours+ for 50 on a regular
basis it will soon start to drain you, financially and mentally!

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