Gigabyte GA-8IPE-1000-G CPUs

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I am about to build a machine based on a motherboard I bought some time

ago. The board states that it is P4 socket 478. (Gigabyte
Although I have searched for supported CPU's on the Gigabyte website it

lists items such as :

Intel P4-Extreme 3.0G
Intel P4-Northwood 3.4G
Intel P4-Willamette 2.0G
P4-Prescott-Celeron D 3.06G

Now, I may be missing something but the described CPUs seem very hard
to get hold of and expensive. Can anyone shed some light on this for
me. I plan to build a decent system for home use but it need not be
cutting edge although I assume that the Celeron is the "poor relation"
to the others?

Any assistance or direction would be highly appreciated.


Re: Gigabyte GA-8IPE-1000-G CPUs

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If you have already collected/purchased the rest of the components for the
system to match this board, a S-478 Celeron D would be the easiest/cheapest
option, or perhaps look for a suitable second hand S-478 P4 CPU on e-Bay.
Celeron D's perform pretty well, considering the price.

If you currently only have the board itself, I would forget the idea of
building up a new system with it.
As you have found, Socket 478 is obsolete + rare, as too are AGP and DDR for
new systems.
Sell it on e-Bay or elsewhere.

You will then have the luxury of picking any CPU(Intel or AMD) and
motherboard combination that your heart desires, and will also be able to
get a motherboard that uses more current technologies. eg. DDR2,
PCI-Express, SATA2, Socket-775(Intel) or Socket-939(AMD).


John S.

Re: Gigabyte GA-8IPE-1000-G CPUs

On 25 Feb 2006 12:15:04 -0800, "Will"

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I don't see the problem here...  you have the board, you
have a list of CPUs, you know you don't need to pay a
premium for diminishing additional performance so the choice
is clear- Celeron D 3.06 GHz should be a little under $100
on, or are you outside the US and need other

Given the older board, I see no reason to choose any of the
P4 instead of the Celeron.  If you want to pay a premium
then just get a newer motherboard too.  It is unnecessary,
IMO, the Celeron 3.06 is faster than the Willamette 2.0 and
not much slower than the other two at most home tasks.  If
you had a specific task that was expected to do much better
with the P4, it might be a different story but thus far no
mention of any such tasks.

Re: Gigabyte GA-8IPE-1000-G CPUs

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I have to go with Kony here. is the Newegg
offering for $130 or so. Pretty cheap way to put together a decent system.


Re: Gigabyte GA-8IPE-1000-G CPUs

Ed Medlin let us know:
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I have a GA-8IPE1000-G Rev.3.x with BIOS v. F6 (which seems to be the
latest, if not last), with a P4 2.40C HT (which is still available in
Good Ol'Germany).
I tried it with a Celeron 2.10 GHz but that is really slow and now
serves as a spare part.
I still use the boxed cooler for the P4 which is not too loud but
The rig has proven a stable and reliable system for home use.

BTW - There is a listing of P4s suitable for the forthcoming Windows
Vista on
< .



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