Ghost 9 image wouldn't restore properly

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One day, after a very brief brownout, I turned on my computer to
discover that several programs hung halfway through loading or
apparently loaded, but didn't respond to any commands, mouse click, etc.

I had a recent Ghost 9 image.  I restored.  The same programs didn't
function properly.

I had an older Ghost 9 image which I had already successfully used to
restore the hard drive about a month ago.  I restored this image.  
Again, the same programs didn't function properly, and in the same

I tested memory (memtest), hard drive itself (Seatools), ran chkdsk,
etc. etc.  I used two anti-virus scans and a spyware scan. I also
changed the hard drive itself.  Nothing showed up.  Seatools (Seagates
diagnostic tool), did indicate critical problem with NTFS

I finally used the restore CD that came with my computer (2.5 years ago)
and all is going smoothely, further indicating that it is not/was not, a
hardware issue.

The only thing I can imagine is that although I restored a Ghost image,
the disk was not completely cleaned and therefore, the same problems
kept coming back?  

Is this possible?

Any suggestions?  I'm horrified at the thought that this could happen
again and that my backup image wouldn't work.



Re: Ghost 9 image wouldn't restore properly

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that's why I bought Acronis TrueImage after reading poor reports about

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