Geek Shopping in Wikipedia

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I need a little help.
Several times I have tried to find recent information on the web on
good places to find good geek items like electronics parts in specific
locations like Dallas, Hong Kong, and Southern California.  Sometimes
after various amounts of searching I would find a few places for each
location but nowhere was there a good current comprehensive list.

A lot of my searches would lead to the Wikipedia so in my ignorance I
created a 'Geek shopping' article in the hopes that other people would
both find use for it, and add to it so that fellow geek shoppers would
have a much easier time.

I half expected the page to not meet Wikipedias criterea for survival.
However I didn't expect it to be immediately attacked and marked for
deletion for such reasons as the anagram for Geek Shopping is 'Pigpen
kegs, ho'!  I suspect that the page is being attacked by a core group
of Wikipedia 'nabobs of negativity' who have nothing to do with whether
the page is valid material or not (it probably isn't as it stands).

Therefore I am asking that you take a look at and update it to make it
more useful.  Also please go to the link on the line reading 'See this
article's entry on the Pages for Deletion page' and add your comments
on if the article should be deleted or not.

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