GA-K8VNXP / ITE8212 boot problem

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Hi All,

I have a (Gigabyte) GA-K8VNXP motherboard with an AMD64 on it, and im
having troubles trying to get the onboard RAID function working.

I have GRUB (an OSS bootloader) setup and running fine on the primary
ide master disk. This runs fine when the RAID controller is disabled in
the BIOS. However, when I enable the RAID controller GRUB does not
boot. I get 'GRUB error 5' loading stage 1.5, which means 'partition
table corrupt'.

To get to this stage GRUB has already had its boot sector loaded by
BIOS and is trying to load the rest of itself off the disk. What seems
to be happening is that GRUB is getting confused over which disk it is
booting on, and thus trying to read itself off the RAID array, rather
than the boot disk.

Has anybody else got this motherboard and seen this problem (and
possibly solved it)?

Or has anybody got any ideas of how I can get GRUB (or any other
bootloader) working in this setup?

-- Chris

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