fun with Matsonic BIOS.... not!

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I just installed a new matsonic mobo, and I am having a problem.

I installed winxphome, did the activation thing, all is well except...I
can only start the computer once without a really wierd situation.

I can boot once, no problem. But try to restart, and I cant get past
the windows loading screen, the machine just goes cold.

What happens is this... windows xp starts to load, the little bar
scrolls across 2 or 3 times, and then the video goes out. PC seems to
be loading, can't tell for sure cause ctrl+alt+del does nothing, so I
dont really know.

Anyway, here is the clue: if I reset the bios (with the jumper by the
cmos) I can boot once just fine - I get the bios warning "CMOS memory
size wrong" and a choice for F1/setup or F2/load default and continue.

F2 does the trick, windows loads perfectly and I am in. But if I
restart, I go back to no video once windows starts to load.

I can boot up in safe mode no problem at any time. But I can only get
back to windows if I reset the CMOS (jumper)... and then I can boot
once, but if I restart, same thing. WTF??

This makes me think it is something in the bios... but what? What could
the setting be that would cause this???

Any help greatly appreciated!

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