Fujitsu Memory Upgrade

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My wife has a Fujitsu laptop - good machine, but only 256Mb RAM -
running WIN2K.  It's been a really good machine and runs OK, but is
slower than thick goop when loading large apps.  I'm looking to add 512
Mb to bring it up to the max, according to system docs, that the system
can manage.

I've located a source for the RAM - Their web site looks
really good, with good info, etc.  However, I've not used this
site/company before.

Anyone out there that has had experience with them that I can benefit
from before I jump out there all alone?


Re: Fujitsu Memory Upgrade

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Young company, no listing... beware,
might be legit and even so, might have teething pains from
being young.

If their price is that much lower might be a risk worth
taking but IMO, better to stick with established good,
long-standing companies like or

Re: Fujitsu Memory Upgrade

Hey Glen,

Good idea to max out the memory, especially if you are running large
applications. If you are running Windows XP, that alone sucks up 256
megs of ram.

I get my memory from All the great things about a
memory company: great prices, excellent customer service, top-notch
return policy. You can't go wrong. Plus shipping is always free!

Here's a link to the Fujitsu computers.


G wrote:
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