Freezer 7 Pro HSF Cooler: Fan will not spin on computer power on?

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Freezer 7 Pro HSF Cooler: Fan will not spin on computer power on?

I've let it go as long as 10 whole seconds before giving up and
turning the power OFF again.

It does this little bump, back and forth, maybe 1/10th of a turn and
then nothing at all. The heatsink on this thing is enormous but
wouldn't the fan not spinning cause serious damage to the cpu?

I've been told by some people in forums that it's 'normal' for that
model to not spin for many seconds during a boot. I've never heard of
a hsf who's fan didn't start immediately upon power being turned on

It's a Gigabyte ep45-ed3p motherboard with a waud-core Q9400 on it.

If anyone can assit I'd be thankful....

Re: Freezer 7 Pro HSF Cooler: Fan will not spin on computer power on?

the following:

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no no, let me be clear , all I'm doing is testing the system without a
monitor,keyboard etc, not needing wanting to go into the bios. It will
not spin the cpu fan at all even after waiting a painful 10 seconds

it's a new freezer 7 pro

Could NOT connecting the 8-pin 12v connector on the motherboard be the

Re: Freezer 7 Pro HSF Cooler: Fan will not spin on computer power on?

On Mon, 19 Jan 2009 14:11:59 -0500, Robert Blass

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What kind of tests can you do without a monitor?  The first
thing you should do is attempt to get a display on the
monitor so you can check temperatures and voltages, not
allowing the system to run for any longer than it takes to
see if these are within safe ranges.  If it takes longer
than about a minute, power off the system and temporarily
power another fan by whatever means is necessary and point
that at the heatsink.  You should see the CPU temp in the
bios health or hardware monitoring menu option, there is no
rush to turn the system off if it is staying under 80C...
even though the ideal temperature for long term use may be
lower than that.

You will need the 8 pin, or 4 pin 12V connector from the PSU
connected to the board for the CPU to get power.  However,
it probably isn't the supply for the fan (though I wouldn't
say it is impossible for it to be).  If the CPU isn't
getting power, the system cannot execute the bios so in that
state whether the fan gets enough power would depend on how
they designed the board.  One would think that if it were
properly designed that such an important feature would not
depend on the system being stable, but with it in an unknown
state, it becomes less easy to make assumptions.

It is typical for a board to apply full power to the fan
when powered up, as more power may be needed to get the fan
started than to keep it running, but I suppose if the board
did not have this feature or if a fan control setting were
incorrect for that fan, it could result in it remaining

Double-check that you have it plugged into the correct
header for the CPU fan.  Get into the bios menu and check
temps and voltages, the system should be able to run for
several dozens of seconds before it overheats from not
having the fan running, and it is quite possible that once
the processor is warmed up, the increase in temperature will
cause a higher PWM duty cycle which supplies enough power to
make the fan spin.

Also check for fan control settings in the bios.  If you
have a PSU 4 pin molex adapter you could temporarily plug
the fan into that to see if it runs when given the full 12V
straight from the PSU, or it is possible (but not certain,
unless you can determine this from other owners of the same
board or from the board's manual) that other fan headers are
not variable, are fixed at 12V output and would then be
suitable as the PSU direct power is to see if the fan works

Something else to try is disconnecting AC power to the PSU
and clearing CMOS with the jumper, or leaving the battery
out for 10 minutes.

If the motherboard is also new, so there is not yet a
confirmation any of the fan power headers work properly, you
might also try plugging a different fan into that fan header
to see if the other fan works.

Re: Freezer 7 Pro HSF Cooler: Fan will not spin on computer power on?

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Is the HSF new? If the HSF is new, you may have just got a bad one from the
supplier. Return it under warrenty.

Does it spin up if you give it a nudge?  If the fan is not new, but spins up
when given a nudge, I'd say that the fan motor is on its way out and needs

I am surprised by the comment "that it's 'normal' for that model to not spin
for many seconds during a boot". My F7P spins up first time, every time,
just as you'd expect. I have a F7P on my Q6600 and its a really good cooler.
Keeps my QuadCore down in the low 50s even on 100% load! Considering how
little it costs, its performance is exceptional. It is easily better than
many HSFs many times the price!


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