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Just a word of warning.  This website ( advertises a
heated computer mouse that they can't deliver.  Ordered one for the wife
for Xmas and never received.  Filed a complaint with Paypal and they could
not recover funds.

Good product idea but petty thiefs run it.

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On Sat, 21 Jan 2006 15:58:52 -0500, Steve

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What do you mean "complaint with Paypal and they could not
recover funds."?

Seems pretty cut-n-dry, if they never sent the product then
what was Paypal's excuse?

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They're idiots?

Americans couldn't be any more self-absorbed if they were made from equal
parts water and papertowel.
 -- Dennis Miller

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Steve wrote:
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heated mouse ?



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(I'll be lucky not to lose bladder control with idiots like Steve posting.)

More proof; not that it's needed, that linux makes you stupid.

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Five seconds of thought, or 15 seconds Googling, would have explained
why a heated mouse could be quite useful, and then you could have
avoided looking like an idiot.

--Tim Smith

Re: Diarrhoea HELP!

and tricked out lollipop who likes ferocious lollipop licking with
canaries, and whose partner is a bed sister with a depilated buhgina,

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Tim Smith wrote:
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Now then, please explain why the flexor retinaculum and the flexor digitorum
superficialis and palmar interossei, right to the pollux needs a fucking
heated mouse, for fucks sake, you retarded pansy-arsed shitstick!
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Mac users fool themselves so easily!

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loving bum-jockey who likes crazed pork pounding with cows, and whose
partner is a woman of accomodating morals with a hot bearded ax wound,
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But surely those sweaty little gamers need mice that cool their hands down
and decrepit, piss-stained, baggy-arsed faggots need to be warmed up a bit?

Lunch was Nice;
Horrible rattlesnake canker with foreskin dressing garnished with
execrable penguin spit with banana seasoning under degraded hobos nose
hairs and wombat belly preserve accompanied by unpleasant bowels on top
of ominous baboon intestine with lemon vinaigrette accentuated with
shocking gerbil offal with liver vinegar accompanied by surfeiting
breast on top of cursed exploding boils and apple extract accentuated
with atrocious eye inside objectionable crocodile pimple and raven lung
conserve and unclean adenoid with disturbing syphilis scabs and garden
worm nerve sauce accompanied by abhorrent gonad on top of menacing used
cat litter chips and turnip compote accompanied with distasteful
woodpecker excrescence and wolf tripe topping, simmered in a wriggling
skillet heaped with rare specks of corn and onion in butter, a side of
cheese and a cup of cockroach syrup.

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Dr. Bill wrote:
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It's quite simple, really.

Timmy's gay lover, GayClown, asked if he'd pick up, "several gerbils in
heat", on his way home. Timmy, fucktard he is, thought he heard, "Heated

Mac OS X makes you stupid, a gerbiler, and queer.

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Jenny wrote:
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<smacks forehead> Of course!

They call it PMS because Mad Cow Disease was already taken.

Re: Fraud -

relic wrote:
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so this makes it the operating system of choice for Richard Gere?  I

Re: Fraud -

la-di-da backwoods-fiddler who likes shocking bone dancing with
walruses, and whose partner is a charity moll with a bruised quim, wrote

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Don't strike a match, I heard it's dangerous.

Lunch was Nice;
Accursed deer entrails with repulsive pigeon gumboil, dished up in a
randomly twitching mug with a slew of medium-rare salsa, home-killed
bits of octopus and uncooked crustacean, tea, a side of eggplant and a
bucket of possum blight tea.

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Banned Apache wrote:
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we wouldn't want the little critter combusting now would we


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