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Ok, this might be a stupid question, but here goes anyway. I have a SATA1
RAID0 of two hard drives. If I reformat, using WinXP full format, will that
decrease the performance? I ask in relation to the RAID setup. Should I
recreate the RAID drive before?

Thanks in advance *_*

Re: Formating Question

On Mon, 26 Jun 2006 23:37:09 GMT, "Datura"

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IF you want to keep them as a RAID0 array there is no need
to recreate the array, UNLESS you wanted to set a different
stripe size.

No a format will not increase or decrease the performance
relative to it being a RAID array.  After formatting, you
haev an entire clean drive, so there could be no
fragmentation, the files will be placed on the faster outer
tracks of the drive first and it will seem a bit of a speed
improvement perhaps, the same as taking any single drive
full of stuff and formatting it clean again.

Essentially there is no need to format at all though, you
can just delete the files on them, though a format could be
the  faster way to clear off everything in some cases, but
it need not be a full instead of quick format unless you
just want it to check as it does it.  

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