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I have removed a floppy drive from one computer and installed it onto
another. If I have connected it up correctly how do I get drive (a) to
appear as one of the drive letters in My Computer.  I don't recall having
software for the floppy drive installation.

Any advice is most welcome.


Re: floppy drive

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IF you`ve connected it up properly. The ribbon cable should be plugged on
the end of the cable (past the twisted wires).
Go into the BIOS and make sure it shows up there as drive A:.

Re: floppy drive


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If you mean having it appear as A or B, that should be automatic.
It's defined by the wiring to the connector (the end connector is
wired to be A, the middle as B).

You don't need to install any software to get it to work if it's a
basic old fashioned floppy drive.  

A & B are specially reserved for floppy drives.  Unless you've
modified the system to exclude showing A or B, they should show up
automatically on reboot if you've connected up the controller cable
and the power cable.  Modifications might be in the BIOS where you can
usually enable or disable the floppy drive controller and the boot
order.  It can also be in the drive management, where you can exclude
specific drive letters from being used.  Since floppy drives are hard
wired for A and B, they won't get remapped, and thus won't show up.
There are probably other ways, but I use the TweakUI powertoy
(downloaded from the MS site) for this sort of thing.

Occasionally, some models of USB pen/memory drive will get mapped to
that and annoyingly, XP seems to preferentially map some models
specifically to A, which can be a pain if you're trying to add a real
floppy drive.  Apparently, this doesn't happen with all models, as
some avoid the floppy letters altogether, while others favor them
because it lets you boot from the pen drive as a pseudo-floppy.
Unlike the floppy drive, the drive letter for the pen drive isn't hard
wired, so just pull the pen drive, and reboot with the floppy.  It
will then be given A.  In my case, when I plugged the pen drive back
in, it was assigned G: (after my optical drives).  Why it wasn't
assigned B (floppy 01), I've no idea, as it wasn't in use and I didn't
disable it.  No biggie.


Re: floppy drive


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You sure you connected it properly? Pin1 goes opposite on a floppy
drive to where Pin1 goes on a HDD. Put in a boot floppy and see if you
can boot to it fine to make sure you have it connected correctly.

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