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I'm not sure what newsgroup to post this, but I thought someone on
here might know. So here goes.
When I am on I am getting a video and at the bottom of the
page is shows something like "Transferring data from".  That changes for each video.  
I am on dialup, so it takes quite awhile to view the bigger ones.  I
just download them and watch them after completely saved on my own

Anyhow, what does this code mean?  Is the "chi" part Chicago?
What does the v156 mean?  

What got me to ask this is that whenever I get connected to one
initialled MIA (could that be Miami?).  It takes forever to download
them.  In fact it took so long once that I had a 17 meg video
downloading before I went to bed.  It was less than one meg at the
time. When I woke up 7 hours later it was still downloading, and had
about one meg more to go.

Anyone know anything about this?


Re: File Transfering of Videos wrote:
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Large companies used multiple server devices and "load balancing", to
achieve smooth and consistent performance. The load balancing can be
done actively (by checking all the machines, finding the least
loaded one, and sending the user to that one), or passively, by
randomly selecting a server from a list of servers. If a random
selection happens to put you on an overloaded server, then your
download rate can suffer.

If you see that the download rate is not steller, stop the transfer
and try again (I even do that on broadband, for overloaded servers).
If the youtube site is using a random algorithm, then you may be
placed on a less loaded (or better equipped) server. (I don't
use Youtube, so don't have any specific hints for the site.)


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