External hard drive only is detected USB 1.1 ports..

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Hello, I am having some problems with my external drive( 2.5"
enclosure).  I have USB 2.0 PC card on my Inspiron 8000.  I am running
WinXP and have tested the drive and the ports on my PC card by plugging
in other USB 2.0 devices and they are detected and run fine.  When I
plug my drive into the ports it takes a minute and briefly shows up as
USB MASS STORAGE DEVICE on one of the ports and then disappears<the
first time I plugged the drive into the 2.0 ports hardware was detected
and gave me the message "Problem installing hardware, device may not
function correctly> .  The drive works perfectly when I plug it into my
onboard 1.1 ports.  The make and model of harddrive is detected
correctly.  In the 2.0 ports nothing shows up, not even in Computer
Management.  Can anyone help???

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