Ext. USB HD Choice?

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What's the best choice for an external USB2 HD in the 200GB-400GB range to
be used mainly for backups?

WDC has three similar models all with 8MB onboard cache + USB2 & Firewire:




Which one does one get?

Are there other makes, models and sizes to consider?

What about backup or imaging software?  Do any of these external USB HD
products come with a backup software(XP SP2) solution in the same league or
better than Acronis TrueImage?

Do any external USB HD products have cases which mount the drive to
specifically protect from shock/impact?

What criteria for making a choice have I missed?  All the prices seem to be
in the same ballpark.

Re: Ext. USB HD Choice?

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the choice is endless and you will get differing suggestions, I have 3
Maxtor's (30, 200 and 250 gig) in external cases and all work fine. The WD
look nice and will do the job intended.

as for the software I fully recommend Acronis Trueimage. I have used it to
rescue all the data off a hard drive.


Re: Ext. USB HD Choice?


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I did a do it youself external rig for cheaper then the ready made ones...
picked up a maxtor 160gig hard drive for less than a hundred bux... was on
sale at worst buy.  Threw it into an external USB/Firewire enclosure i
picked up at fry's for fifteen bux.  It's worked great.  Had it nearly a
year, use it to store backup copies of all my critical documents, plus drive
image disk images from both my laptop and desktop.  If i have a hard disk
failure or other major fault in my computers I can recall the correct image
and save some trouble... if its a file snafu that has produced a corrupt
image then at least i have the critical documents stored seperately outside
of the image.  Just for good measure i still burn critical documents etc off
to a CD (not enough yet to fill a DVD)  from time to time and keep two
levels of CD revision in my fire safe.  As far as shock protection, I
haven't seen any recently, but then again I haven't been looking for one,
would be reasonable for use with a laptop tho.....  One word of advice tho,
make sure your PC has USB 2.0 ports on it, had to throw a PCMCIA USB2.0 card
into my laptop to get any reasonable transfer rates.

Re: Ext. USB HD Choice?

What the heck are you backing up in the 200-400GB range?

Just curious?

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Re: Ext. USB HD Choice?

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The 200-400GB comes from the optimal pricepoint in today's market.  One can
keep multiple cycles from more that one system on it.  Just like Field of
Dreams build it and they will come aka provide it and you'll fill it.

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Re: Ext. USB HD Choice?


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Doesn't have to be just for backups.
It's just another storage device. It's used the exact same way you use
the main drive inside the computer.

I set iTunes to store everything on the external; some 70 GB. That's

Re: Ext. USB HD Choice?

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1. Get yourself an `Icybox` USB\Firewire enclosure
2. Get a Seagate Hard drive
3. Mount drive in enclosure
4. that`s a good set-up.
best wishes..OJ

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