Epox 8RDA+ Upgrade

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What processors can I use on this board ( Rev 1)? I DL'd the cpu list from
Epox and it looks like I can use any Athlon with a 333 FSB. Also will the
Semprons just drop in and work? The cpu list from Epox says it won't.

Re: Epox 8RDA+ Upgrade

On Mon, 5 Sep 2005 21:35:44 -0600, "Bob Fallona"

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IIRC, it is an early nForce2 board.  It should run the
Sempron (skt. A type) too, but if you want the BIOS to
properly ID the CPU (instead of it 'guessing', a cosmetic
detail only in what it reports, not the speed it runs) you
might need a bios new enough to incorporate that CPU

First nForce2 chipsets were spec'd for DDR333 FSB, but after
a certain revision of (Northbridge, nForce2) chip, they were
expected stable at DDR400 FSB too, even though they weren't
officially spec'd for DDR400 FSB till the next chip
revision, the nForce2 400.  Since your board is only rev 1,
odds are against your running DDR400 but according to this
article such a board has hit DDR180 successfully on 8RDA3+.
What does the "3" mean though?

http://www.digital-daily.com/motherboard/epox-8rda3 +/

So in general, yes you should be able to use any DDR333 FSB
Athlon XP... though if you don't have accessible multiplier
options in the bios you would have to do a mod to the socket
pins or CPU itself to use a _Mobile_ Athlon XP as it
defaults to a very low mulitplier even though it's spec'd
speed is higher than that mulitplier's result... it depends
on the board changing the multiplier to reach it's spec'd

Re: Epox 8RDA+ Upgrade

Thanks for the detailed reply and help. I have the Rev 1.1.  I emailed Epox
Tech Support in Tiwain with the same question. Here's what I got back:

Dear Sir
      Please check your board's version.
The board's version :
V1.x can support processor 3000 with 333 FSB.
V2.x can support processor 3200 with 400 FSB
The latest bios update will support Sempron processor

SO I guess I can drop in any Sempron and any Athlon up to 3000 as long as it
is 333 FSB.

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