EL Wire and adding a dimmer. THis possible ?

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EL Wire and adding a dimmer. THis possible ?

Just want to Purchase a EL Wire BLUE kit from these guys.


Its got a flasher build into the inverter. But i would like to add a
dimmer as well. I emailed them and asked them. But wont get a replay
till Monday the earliest.

The kit runs off two AA batteries. Which is what i wanted. Small
enough just to drill anbd screw to the top of th

e keyboard and not even know its there .

If you have some links on what dimmer to use and or how to hook it up
to this kit that would be great. A dimmer with  a dial would be

I might not need a dimmer. But if its to bright would like to tone it
down alittle. Its going to be hooked up to my Logitech Wireless MX Duo
Keyboard. Should look cool as the top plate of the Keybord is alittle
hollow and clearish black. Well cleat but when covering the black
keybaord beneath looks black. If you know what i mean :)

Iam not sure if ELwire can safely be undervolted or if it needs a
constant voltage to work and no be fucked up ?

May e a mute point if i find it to be just bright enough to light up
the keybard and not overpower everything.

Thanks for any info.

Re: EL Wire and adding a dimmer. THis possible ?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

This FAQ says both voltage and frequency affect intensity.
48-130VAC (RMS) in the 50-5000Hz range.


The inverter circuit is likely load sensitive - while you
could try a resistor, remember there is high voltage on there,
and that little inverter box could likely kick your ass
across the room. Be careful :-)

Some inverters are apparently not safe under open circuit
conditions - the voltage will rise on the output, until the
inverter is ruined.

Wait until Monday, and see what their tech support says.


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