DVD drive sounds like a shopvac

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Not all rental DVDs but about 15% spin up at really loud rates and
don't spin down. It's so loud you can't watch the movie. It's louder
than the speakers and sounds like a vacuum cleaner running. It stays
that way all the way through the movie. I've tried PowerDVD and WinDVD
both and it's the same with either one. I'm using an ECS Desknote. I
got a different DVD drive even and it didn't make any difference. My
desktop does the same thing but only about 2% of the time. I'd
appreciate advice from anyone with experience at this kind of thing.
Thank you for your time.

Re: DVD drive sounds like a shopvac

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In my experience this is usually caused by either a dodgy drive
(affecting all discs) or an unbalanced disc, which sounds like the
case in this instance.  Some drives are more suseptible to this
that others - I suspect laptop-style drives and other drives with
a push-on type spindle are more frequently at fault here.  In short
there's likely to be little that you can do - you can try experimenting
with different drives but it's really the discs at fault.

Andrew Smallshaw

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