DVD drive appears in CMOS, but not available as boot device

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I installed windows 7 a few weeks ago. Now my DVD drive isn't on the list
of devices to boot from. The drive is detected in my BIOS, and works fine
once windows boots. Any help would be appreciated.

Re: DVD drive appears in CMOS, but not available as boot device

Flip Wilson wrote:

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See replies to your SAME post that you MULTI-posted in the alt.comp.hardware
group.  Or is your intent to abandon your old thread (and, if so, then post
there to mention you are abandoning that thread) and start a whole new
discussion here?

Learn to cross-post:


A point not made is that N multi-posted copies will consume N times the disk
space for each of the separate copies of the same post.  Cross-posted
messages have just *one* copy on the server with links in the newsgroups
back to the same single copy.  Multi-posting wastes disk space on the
server.  Yes, your post may be small but remember that you consume N times
the space on one server and then do so again on all the newsgroups servers
worldwide.  You waste more bandwidth getting N copies of your multi-posted
message distributed to all the newsgroups servers worldwide.  Cross-posting
has just one copy of the message on an NNTP server, and only one copy gets
propagated to other NNTP servers.

To those visiting the newsgroups, cross-posting helps them see ALL the
replies from those in the other RELATED newsgroup to which you linked your
post.  That way, they don't waste their time duplicating similar replies.

Don't cross-post to more groups than needed if at all.  Many consider
cross-posting to more than 4 groups as rude and may filter out your post.
The more groups you add, the less likely that they are related, the less
accurate or focused are the targeted groups, or some of the included groups
may already be encompassed by an included parent group.  If they are
subgroups under a topic, choose whether you will be specific or general in
the targeted groups to which you post.  Usenet-ignorants that shotgun their
posts across multiple groups trying to capture as large an audience as
possible will offend netizens with the poor aim.  Multi-posting instead of
cross-posting when shotgunning across multiple groups evidences you as a
newbie, troll, or spammer.  

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