DVD burner drivers?

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I just bought a Sony DW-D22A DVD burner....OEM with NO software.

What do I need to install to make it work like a CD recorder??
I want to drag & drop, copy & paste or send to the DVD icon and have it
start writing.
That's the way my CD writer works.

I don't want to buy Nero or any of those huge programs that do more than I
Sony does NOT support this burner, because it is an OEM product.  I was told
support at Sony to contact the manufacturer.   How do I find out who made
this drive?
Someone suggested that Lite-On makes it.
Someone also mentioned the DW-D22A is the same drive as the Sony-710A.
The difference being, the 710 comes with software CD.
If I can get a copy of this CD, I know I can get my DVD burner to work.


Re: DVD burner drivers?

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It doesn't need any drivers, unless you are running a very early version of
I think you will find, like it or not, you will need some burner software
(Nero or the like) to get any amount of use out of it.


Re: DVD burner drivers?

If you are going to buy an OEM drive, then you must accept the fact that you
are going to HAVE to pay for DVD burning software, such as Nero or Roxio.


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Re: DVD burner drivers?

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Go to this site   http://www.pricelessware.org/thelist/index.htm

click on "System Utilities", then "CD Burning" and download a program
(freeware) called "Burnatonce".

Or go to this site   http://www.snapfiles.com/freeware/freeware.html

click on "Multimedia" then CD/DVD Burning tools and download
"Deepburner" or "CDBurnerXP Pro" and any number of other DVD/CD burning

Nero and Roxio do everything and are huge programs that do tons more
than just burn cd's.  For the vast majority of DVD/CD burning the above
three will do what you need, and you can't beat the price.


Re: DVD burner drivers?

Roln wrote:
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What operating system? Windoze XP has a limited built-in burning
capability but it shouldn't care what sort of optical drive it is
burning to as long as it is recognizable. Or, if you have already
installed packet writing software on some other occasion (to support the
CD burner) then it too shouldn't care about the new drive. Otherwise, if
you want to do higher level DVD authoring you will need some sort of
burning software but I'd wager that you can find something in the
freeware category if you look hard enough.

But you should not have to do anything in the way of driver installation
if you are using a relatively modern OS. I just installed a  new
double-layer 16X DVD burner in the PC of a friend's son last night and
W2K recognized it immediately with no manufacturer's drivers needed.

John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

Re: DVD burner drivers?

Hi John,

I should have mentioned in my post.....I'm using WinXP-Home.
XP recognizes the drive okay and I can write CD's on it,
with no problem.  It won't write DVD's, however.   I'm aware
you don't need drivers for optical devices.  To burn DVD's,
evidently you need special software.  I read on
Microsoft.com, that XP does not support DVD burners.  The
next version of Windows (Longhorn) will include DVD
applications.  Too bad MS didn't include that in the SP-2
update!  What a bummer!

Can you explain what "packet" is and if I have it??
btw, you have an extremely nice web site!


Re: DVD burner drivers?

Roln wrote:
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Packet writing software basically allows the rewritable optical drive to
act like an oversized floppy disk. A common example would be Nero's
In-CD which comes with their regular burning software.

http://pages.prodigy.net/jdjd/cdr/packet.htm gives some more information.

Thanks for the kind words about the site. I've really got to get back
and work on that some more!
John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

Re: DVD burner drivers?

John McGaw wrote:
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If you use a packet writing option...it is convenient, but I would never
use it for crtical data. My experience is that there is little to non
cross application compatability, and even if you are using the same
application, there is not consistent machine to machine avialability of
data stored using packet writing apps.

Stick with standard CD/DVD recording (R or RW). At current recording
speeds and with the features in modern interfaces, there really isn't
that much difference between the minor convenience of packet writing and
the assured availability of R or RW saves.

I got burned (no pun intended) early by packet writing data loss...don't
even have the packet writing module installed on my current Nero.

Re: DVD burner drivers?

get a blank cd, get a burner software and voila it will at like a cd burner

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