Dual Xeon 1.8Ghz or OCed Sempron 3100+ ?

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OK...maybe somebody out there knows.  Maybe not.  I have a dual
xeon 1.8Ghz system that I primarily use.    Its very reliable
and quick...But its pretty aged.

Would a cheap Sempron 3100+ system from Outpost.com
kick its ass in real world apps and games?    And if overclocked?

The most strenuous thing I do is play Farcry and Rip DVDs to Divx.
I have a Nvidia 5700 AGP card.  32bit Windows XP.

One thing about this Xeon board (PC-DL Asus) is that it retaining its resale
damn well.

The processors...well thats another story.  ;-)   These 1.8Ghz processors go
for $30 to 40 bucks each on Ebay...I payed $120 for each of them.



Re: Dual Xeon 1.8Ghz or OCed Sempron 3100+ ?

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Your question is like trying to compare a V8 to a four
cylinder engine :-) It is hard to compare a dual to
a single processor system.

For most people, the purpose of upgrading is to have a
system which is noticably faster. The old rule of thumb
would be to buy an upgrade that had twice as fast a
processor, to justify the upgrade. Sadly, the days of
getting 2x clock speed jumps are over.

With respect to the ratings game, a poor analogy would
be to say 2x1800 > 3100. That would assume a task that
can make use of both processors and scales perfectly.
There will be many situations where only one processor
can be used, and then the 3100 wins.

With your average game these days, I'd say your 3100+ system
might be faster, but personally I'd aim a bit higher than
that. You want enough of a video card, that you can turn on
antialiasing, to get rid of the jaggies on drawn lines on
the screen. You want enough processor to keep that GPU

For example, look at which video cards manage to maintain
frame rates in this benchmark:


This CPU benchmark, compares processors driving a 6800GT.
The video card doesn't seem to be saturated, even with
the fastest processor (quality set to low is probably


(I assume the setup is as described here)

If you go to http://www.amdcompare.com , click "View All Products",
then click "Frequency", to sort the results by frequency, you'll
be able to see which models have more cache (higher P.R.
rating for the same core frequency). Based on price, I
might start with a 3700+ 1MB cache or so. That'll still give
you a bit of room to overclock.

(Some 939 processors)

AMD Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego 2.2GHz/1MB cache S939 ADA3700BNBOX $245

They even make a S754 version of that processor, but it runs
at 2.4GHz/1MB cache to make up for the single channel memory ($325)

S754 motherboards are in fact every bit as good as S939, but
the socket itself is end of the line, so if you bought the
S754 version of 3700+, there wouldn't be much room for a
future upgrade. Buying a single 1GB memory DIMM might be the
best memory technology to use with the board. (A S939 board
is best with a single matched pair, like 2x512MB or 2x1GB.
That allows you to use Command Rate 1T with the memory.)
In no case can you expect to fill these boards with DIMMs
and have a top performance configuration from a memory
bandwidth perspective.

For a motherboard, pick something that has:

1) A manual you can download before purchase. Check that the
   BIOS allows setting memory timing, memory clock, fsb clock,
   Vcore, Vdimm, and the other goodies needed for overclock.
2) Make sure they have BIOS upgrades, driver download, and
   generally support their product. A list of supported processors
   is nice, so you can determine if the BIOS that ships with the
   board is actually good enough to run the processor you bought.
3) Read the reviews on Newegg for the motherboard, to spot the
   really bad products.

With your Outpost product, my main worry would be the level
of support for the motherboard.

Once you identify a good product, then price around to the
other sites and see if anyone can match the price.


If you're going to spend money on a gamer system, it might
as well be a decent one. Otherwise, the very next game
that comes out, will likely swamp it. It is $50 for
the game and $1000 for the hardware :-)



Re: Dual Xeon 1.8Ghz or OCed Sempron 3100+ ?

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Wow...what a response...every bit of it appreciated.

Re: Dual Xeon 1.8Ghz or OCed Sempron 3100+ ?

On Fri, 13 Jan 2006 02:45:46 GMT, "Don W. McCollough"

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CPU is but one portion of system, so yes the CPU will help
some but it still has to have the other components
complimentary like ample memory and decent video.

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Obviously, a certain % faster depending on how far you can
o'c it including your skills, the ceiling for the particular
specimen of CPU, and limits of motherboard and memory.

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Depending on which version of Divx, you might see gains with
either the old or the new CPU switching to a newer version.
Particularly around 5.x (might be 5.1.1 or 5.2) there were
changes for more effective use of larger L2 cache claimed
around 20+% performance boost.  The claim may not = reality,
you'd have to investigate it, perhaps using the freeware
encoder and matching encoding settings (though on very old
versions (prior to 5.10?) the "best" quality setting was
derated to be equivalent to the medium quality setting in
versions thereafter so apples/apples comparison would be not
choosing same quality setting but rather the technically
correspondant setting.

For gaming, an FX5700 will play Far Cry but if you're the
type to use high resolutions or turn up detail levels,
FX5700 is itself a significant bottleneck and would need
replaced.  The following is a Farcry benchmark tool which
can more quickly show the effects of various settings
changes.  I happen to have a system here with an FX5700 and
an Athlon Barton in it, both parts slightly overclocked, if
you ran a particular test reporting the specific settings
changes (from defaults) and the resultant score I can give
you a comparison.  However it's expected that the
overclocked Barton Athlon XP may be a little faster than a
Sempron 3100, even skt. 754 version because it has both a
clockspeed and cache advantage.

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You got a very good deal on them for $120 each if they
weren't already quite old when purchased.

Re: Dual Xeon 1.8Ghz or OCed Sempron 3100+ ?



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Oops, forgot link,

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