dual boot system for video editing

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I am building a new system with an amd 64 3000 (socket 939) cpu, Asus A8N-E
motherboard, Plextor 716 DVD, Winfast 6600 gt video card, and WD 160g sata
drives. I would like to set up the WD drives with separate operating
systems: the first sata drive would be for general use (web browsing, word
processing, database, etc.), the second would be a lean install with minimal
services and software  for video editing. I plan to use XP for the editing
system drive and either XP or (more likely) win2000 for the main system
drive.  I also will probably use some existing drives IDE  for video

Is this setup feasible and are their any conflicts I should be aware about.
For example will there be problems with two installations of the same
operating system--especially if both are XP? Willl I be able to simply
disable devices used by one system and not the other--specifically video
editing card.

Any advice, recommendations or past experiences with such a system would be
greatly appreciated.

Thanx in advance

Re: dual boot system for video editing

On Thu, 2 Jun 2005 10:39:33 -0500, "ed jurewicz"

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Try XOSL ( do a Google ).
I use this freeware boot manager on a number of machines for very
similar applications as the one you intend to use.

It's usually not a problem to disable devices - just go into the
system applet, select the device's properties and tick 'disable in
this hardware profile'.
You might find you have to install the drivers first in order to
disable them if they're native to the OS. If they're not ( i.e. a
driver disk is required ) you can exit the wizard once it's failed to
find a driver and leave the device as an 'unknown'..and then disable

XOSL can handle booting to a secondary hard drive - and I don't think
you'll have any issues with XP as long as you install to the primary
drive first, hide it in XOSL, then install to the secondary drive.

The easiest way to set it up would be to 'ghost' the OS partition, or
clone the primary disk - but you might run into problem with XP's
boot.ini file which mark out which partitions are what, and where.
There are a number of articles on the web about how to edit this file.
If you don't own a cloning program, keep an eye out for computer mag
cover disks - they're often featured.

As far as XP installation goes, a second installation should act like
a simple reinstall given that the hardware will be exactly the same.


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