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...have a server that I built.

W2003 OS, Raid 10 on a hardware controlled Adaptec PCI raid card with 4

The OS is installed on the Raid array.

To make a long story short, I need to update the Adaptec's driver.

I have the newest driver files from Adaptec, but if I go through Device
manager and attempt to update the driver there, and point to the folder
where the driver files are located, I'm told that "windows can't find a
better driver" in that folder (the current driver is much older).

I think that the problem is that I can't update a raid driver when the OS
itself is on the raid array in this manner.

...but I'm not sure how else to update this. All instructions I've found
speak about either initial driver installation when the OS is installed or
an install after a new raid card is installed, but not actually updating the

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance


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Re: Driver Update Question

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Just a question, why do you need to update the drivers?


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Re: Driver Update Question

On Thu, 13 Sep 2007 20:30:41 -0500, "Jeff"

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I suspect either the driver download was not properly
extracted/decompressed/etc into individual files the OS
recognizes yet, or the driver has a Setup.exe or
install.exe, etc, file you're supposed to run to install it,
OR windows is just confused and instead of only using the
automated wizard to look for the driver, you need to use the
manual browsing to the driver INF you want and telling OS to
use it anyway even if it doesn't think it's better.  That
is, so long as you're SURE you have the right driver.

One thing that it is definitely not, is an issue of updating
the driver when the OS itself is on the array ran from that
controller.  That does not matter.

Re: Driver Update Question

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You were right. I was finally able to get in touch with adaptec support who
told me that the problem was that the newest driver wasn't yet certified
with microsoft (or whatever they call it) so I had to do the manual browsing
as above (finally got them just before reading this). ...and it had nothing
to do with the OS being on the array. I had a card go bad and major problems
with the new one until I updated the driver today. I really don't understand
why the new card didn't work properly without the newer driver while the old
one did (until the 75cent fan went bad) even though both used the same
firmware versions, but I haven't had any problems since the driver was



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