Drive trustworthy?

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A while back, my 120GB IBM HD failed.  I was able to remove it from the
case, and using an old technique a friend mentioned once (set it flat,
as it was installed on its side) was able to retrieve the information
off of it.

Though there is no doubt in my mind that the drive did fail on me (short
version: SMART triggered, after about 1/2 dozen or so failed boots), it
has actually been working fine since I got it working again.  It was
quite noisy, but it's quieter now that I've ignored it for a while...

Currently, it is installed in an external case and is back on its side,
and preperatory to destroying it, I'm using Norton WipeInfo on it.  I
fully expect that somewheres along this long, long, process, the drive
will fail, and I'll have to resort to more physical methods to destroy
the data.

However, in the unlikely event that the drive continues to work not just
  through the erasure of all the data, but through at least a 3 pass
wipe of the empty space (and therefore the entire drive, which should
take days), does that mean this drive is trustworthy?  Is there any way
I can be sure it won't fail on me again?


Re: Drive trustworthy?

jmc wrote:
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Short answer: _no_ drive is trustworthy. But some drives are more so
than others. If a drive has shown real signs of failing (not an
intermittent cable or something) I wouldn't trust it any further than I
could throw it.

John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

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