Doorstop Cases (I mean ...Desktop)

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Recently, I aquired a new case with some silicon and wires inside.
Other people's trash... It's a very heavy desktop thing.  As I was
gutting the interior I noticed how nice the frame (without the top,
front bezel, plastic fan, power supply, etc.) of the case would be for
this project I'm working on.

Many of the cases you find today have very flimsy mobo trays.  This
thing is a relatively thick gauge steel.  It has standoff markings for 4
different types of mobos.  The rear expansion rail is rock solid.  No
way to really wiggle the back panel at all.

I imagine that if you wanted to you could kill someone with this mobo
tray/back panel/front panel thing.

Now I'm looking for more, but I can't find any.  It has a Sparkle
FSP300-60BTV switching PS if that helps.

Any ideas?


Re: Doorstop Cases (I mean ...Desktop)

On Mon, 14 Mar 2005 06:01:02 GMT, Homer Simpson

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We're supposed to ID it based on that?
Who knows if the PSU even came with the case?

Solid cases were pretty typical 10 years ago, if you don't
need that exact case but merely something similarly sturdy
then look at the local mom-n-pop computer shop.

If you posted a good picture(s) of it somewhere maybe
someone might have more to go on.  Often the front bezels
were interchangeable on many of the clones, so pics of the
interior and rear might be telling too.

however, considering the way you found it, what good would
it be to know what make/model/etc it is?  Odds are the
manufacturer has changed their cases since then, even the
"average" Enlight or Antec case is made of thinner metal
than it used to be.

Re: Doorstop Cases (I mean ...Desktop)

kony wrote...
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Nah! I was kind of being facetious, which I guess doesn't translate well
to the newsgroup.

It's just the only serial number (of any kind) on the thing.  It's pretty

I did check with the local store, but the only desktop cases they had were
smaller, maybe m-ATX ones.

I'm going to Pittsburgh in 2 weeks, and they have loads more shops there I
hink I shall try.  It's really the kind of thing you'd probably only find
sold by the skid or half-skid.  

Something similar would do fine as long as I could get 3 or 4 identical
ones, asnd they weren't set up for PCI risers or anything funky like that.

This case has detachable drive cages along the front.  CD drives bays on
the right, floppy/hdd in the middle, and fan on the left.

I'll try to post a pic later.

Re: Doorstop Cases (I mean ...Desktop)

On Mon, 14 Mar 2005 12:56:49 -0500, "newbietuesday"

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Nothing comes to mind but one common desktop case that "was"
fairly sturdy (moreso when it was made of 1.0mm sheeting
rather than the current 0.8mm) was Enlight 7200,

Re: Doorstop Cases (I mean ...Desktop)

kony wrote:
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You are a genius!!!!
That's the Case!  Exactly!
23lbs. empty!  (*Wow*) ...That's pretty noggin' crunching...

I am in awe.

I owe you one.

Re: Doorstop Cases (I mean ...Desktop)

On Tue, 15 Mar 2005 03:46:18 GMT, Homer Simpson

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Random luck on my part?

I still have one of the Enlight 72xx towers that had the 1.0
sheeting and the gawd-awful outer U-shell design (no
removeable side panels).  To facilitate that they had quad
folded rails along the top and the case was sturdy enough to
jump up and down on.  So far as *PC* cases go, that's about
as sturdy as it gets with exception of a few Compaq cases
with a silly case-within-a-case design there the entire
thing slide out the back of an all-encompassing shell that
had 5 almost-solid sides.

The desktops are still fairly sturdy though, I guess nobody
wants their monitor caving in the case?

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