Does X1950 pro support my board??

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hi ll,
recently i had posted a message regarding my graphics card. after
thinking a lot i hv decided to buy the Ati Radeon X1950 pro 512 mb
from for $219 USD. is this choice ok or any better card is
available for this price??? Also i hv a Asus P5PE-VM motherboard. Is
this graphics card completely comptatible with my board. In my board
manual it is mentioned that it doesnt support3.3 volt agp cards. So is
this compatible ?? Also any new sugestions given should be compatible
with my board. I want help plssss. Any config i get i want it to work
for atleast 3 years.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Re: Does X1950 pro support my board??

On Fri, 07 Sep 2007 08:35:11 -0700, coolBuddy

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$219 is high for X1950,

1950X are a good option for an aging AGP system, but for a
$220 budget I would wonder if it's time to move on to PCI
Express instead of buying a card that has to be abandoned
next time the motherboard is upgraded.

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yes it's compatible, though if this is a significantly more
power hungry card than your present video card, you may find
that your case needs more cooling and your PSU could need
upgraded later, if not sooner... depending on how much
reserve capacity it has.

Af for "3 years", we can't predict what you'll be playing up
to 3 years from now, it's quite possible the CPU or video
card will seem anemic after 18 months or more as they always
do, but at that point you might squeeze another 18 months
out of it if you turned down game eyecandy some and/or
aren't playing at a very high monitor resolution.

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