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Re: Does frequent rebooting harm a computer?


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That may be your personal experience... I use the hell out of my system,
lots of horsepower, gaming, graphic editing, video encoding, lots of things
that really strain a system.  As such I'm always on the lookout for how to
improve things a bit. And from teh gaming perspective each new killer game
ups the system requirements a bit more.  But my point still stands, What's
the point of a shortened lifespan if its still longer then the replacement
interval.  Whoopdedo if your replacement interval is 8 years, if your system
does its job adequately for all of those eight years thats just fine and
dandy, but for many of us system requirements do change pretty rapidly.
Anyone with demands for a high horsepower system will find themselves
needing to do something every couple of years at least to keep it "high
horsepower" as software and system requirements change.  Now my websurfing
and emailing machine is an ancient laptop that still works, well beyond its
expected life now, all i've done was replace a hard disk that took a dump on
me last year, I'n in no hurry to upgrade that system any time soon cus it
doesn't need it.  But my desktop gets pushed to its limits daily, and i want
to keep making those limits harder to reach, so I end up doing graphics
cards, hard disks, memory, from time to time, and at some point its most
economical to build a new system and downgrade this one to my
email/internet/chat computer, let my laptop become the doorstop I'm
surprised it hasn't turned into yet.

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