Does a 7600 Gt PCIE have bad component out !!!

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Does a 7600 Gt PCIE have bad component out !!!

7600 Gt PCIE has bad component out !!!

I just bought a new system and i'am using a Gigabyte 7600 Gt PCIE as
my gaming and HTPC card. Its conected to a Toshibia 86cm HD 86cm Crt
TV, which has 720 and 1080i. I am in Australia.

The 7600 Gt PCIE is the Silent Pipe 2 version GV-NX76T256D-RH.

My problem is the picture on the Tv is out of focus and just weird.
The picture like its interlaced and its out of focus and text is not
crisp. I know what it should look like as my 6600 Gt AGP i upgraded
from in my old system worked like my TV was a monitor, quality wise.

I was just wondering if anyone else is useing a 7600 Gt PCIE as a HTPC
card and or Gameing card and or both and have noticed anything ??

I was thinking its just a faulty card and get a replacment, but then
again different companies have different quality. I think i should
have stuck with Leadtec, though i got coned with that Silent Pipe 2
and the silence it gives

Thanks for any feedback, I realy need some help. I just got this new
system after years of using a Barton 2500, New Cpu Intel E6400 and i
realy realy want to use it. At the moment i can't evn look at the
screen for very long


/PS i have tried different drivers but, still the same. Anything else
i could try ?

/PS2 Yes i'am using Component and 720p mode and Component is my only
HD connection on my TV.

Thanks again.

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