disabling case fan led lights

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This is probably an odd question to ask on a modding group, but here

I am considering purchasing a X-QPack case for my next computer.
However, while I do like many of the features it offers, I do not
personally enjoy a lighted case (they are very pretty and eye catching,
but over time they are just too bright for my eyes' comfort).  The case
appears to come with a blue led lighted fan.  Is there any way to
disable the fan light without disabling the whole fan?  Or am I looking
at having to replace the fan entirely with a non-lighted model?

I have never purchased a case with any lighting previously and have not
gotten my hands on this one yet to see if disconnecting the light will
be obvious.  I'd prefer to know if this is possible before spending the

Thank you in advance for your helpful replies.


Re: disabling case fan led lights

On 7 Nov 2005 20:06:03 -0800, "ck625_gbt4@yahoo.com"

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Sure, just cut the wire lead to the LED(s), then make sure
the end of the wire is still secure so it doesn't get caught
in the fan or short out on anything.

Note that many of the LED fans are poor quality and their
more rigid frames transmit more vibration to the case wall.
That may not matter so much on that particular case since
the fan mount and surrounding area is a tight space before
further bends so it is subject to less flexure than with
other cases, presumably.

Re: disabling case fan led lights

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It really depends on the fan, some make the wire accessible, but some of
the nicer looking ones don't have any obvious place you could cut/pull
the wire.

Replacing fans isn't all that expensive though, so worst case you'll be
out a small amount of money.

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