digital tv on my system - problem.

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I have a particularly annoying problem the solution to which has so far
eluded me.
I have recently completed the build of my own computer.  I decided
whilst doing this, to integrate television into the
machine and purchased a jetway avtune pci DVB-T card (digital
terrestrial television).  The problem is something like as
After the machine, functioning as a television, has been on for about
3/4 of an hour, but not always, i get 'glitches' and
interruptions that last for about a 1/2 hour...sometimes after a
further (indeterminate) period has elapsed, these 'glitches'
and interruptions return again.  They are bad enough to seriously
affect tv viewing.  This is the only pattern i can discern
that would lead me to believe it is something to do with the computer
and not just signal reception (which is a problem in
Now, operation with the AGP 8x Geforce Nvidia FX5200 128mb card i
bought to also allow me to play the odd game is problematic
and as set out above.  Operation with an AGP 4x Powercolor ATI Radeon
7000 64mb card is also affected though less severely
and is something like as described.  Operation with an AGP 4x (i think)
ATI Rage 128 pro 32mb card seems to be largely ok.
The whole system is built around an AMD Sempron 2600+ (core speed
actually 1.8ghz - cpu clk x11) 1.6v FSB 166mhz DDR and the
Gigabyte GA-7vm400am(f) matx mainboard - via km400a (n'bridge) via
vt8237 (s'bridge) with 512mb kingston 200mhz ddr memory.
Harddrive and Dvd r/w drive.  In a desktop case with a 200w power
It's either a hardware or a software problem...Could it be the power
supply?  Not being able to cope with the demands being
made of it?  The system without tv works fine. Is it something to do
with the voltages that the graphics cards operate on?
As far as i know AGP 4x/8x operate on 1.5v whereas AGP 2x operates on
3.3v.  Can it not handle the voltage drop smoothly?  Is
it an overheating problem?  The dvb-t card itself, located in PCI slot
1 runs fairly hot.  The fx5200 128mb card (next to it) runs very
hot...the 64mb card runs hot,  the 32mb card less so.  Attempts to cool
down have brought no change...
Into the bios to harmonise the cpu and memory bus speeds at 166mhz DDR
also had no affect.  The system may as well run with
the faster memory speed...Relocation of the dvb-t card in another pci
slot also brought no change.  Outside the box,
purchase of a new indoor aerial actually worsened reception.
Could it be something to do with the software?  Is a buffer overflowing
or a temporary file on the harddrive overfilling
after a certain point?  Set the controlling program going and operation
of television is normal.  When the problem occurs
there is a high pitch sound like a click and the display temporarily
and repeatedly freezes as though the signal has been blocked.  But i
think it's something to do with the machine not just poor signal

Any ideas?  Any help?


As an update i can confirm that however long the machine has been on
before - when i launch the dvtr controlling software in
order to watch tv - about 45mins to 60mins later i can expect to get
problems.  These problems last between 15mins and 30 mins and  then go.
 A further similar period goes by and the problems return...


Re: digital tv on my system - problem.

I'm surprised the thing goes with a 200w PSU.  There's a gizmo here
which will tell you what you need.  Add 50w to the result to be on the
safe side. /

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