Difference between FX-60 and A634 X2 4200?

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Is there a site that benchmarks all the Athlon 64 varieties? I found a
few, but were not anything at all up to date. Not one yet comparing
these two anyway.  Am trying to make a decision on which Athlon 64
barebone kit to buy...prefer one that uses the DDR2 RAM.

Re: Difference between FX-60 and A634 X2 4200?

geronimo wrote:
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As for the socket types, older processors use S939 and DDR Ram,
and the newer ones use AM2 and DDR2 RAM. You can check here,
as this site is run by AMD, and has condensed data for their

http://www.amdcompare.com "Desktop", then "View All Products"

An FX-60 uses DDR and is a dual core. (You can tell from the
cache specification mentioning x2 in the spec.) The
FX-60 is a socket 939 processor.


Note that one barebone kit I looked at, had a kick-ass processor,
coupled with the world's worst motherboard, so be prepared to buy
a decent motherboard separate from the barebone kit. But maybe
the barebone is the only way to get the processor you want ?

When you are trying to build the cheapest computer possible, the
barebone products make sense. That is because they couple a cheap
(< $100) processor with a $40 motherboard. But in the case of an
expensive processor, the utility of a $40 motherboard escapes me.
You might just want to overclock for example, and a $40 motherboard
might be wrong for that job.


Re: Difference between FX-60 and A634 X2 4200?

Wow...in spite of being only DDR, the FX-60 spanks the pants off of
the X2 4200!    Thanks, Geronimo

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