DiamondMax10 weird stuttering high-pitched craziness

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Finally got my DiamondMax10 SATA 16MB 250GB to work...

It makes more noise than my old Seagate Barracuda, but I can live with that,
what I'm concerned about is the high-pitched clipping noise it makes.

So far, I've only noticed it when playing Myst V...during ingame video (ie.,
a 3D character is in front of you talking and gesticulating), it will
briefly pause, the HDD will emit the described noise (the closest I can
compare is to audio clipping - but not quite), and then the game will
continue. But it does it frequently.

Is the disk faulty?
Or is the game/ installation the fault?


Re: DiamondMax10 weird stuttering high-pitched craziness

On Wed, 5 Oct 2005 23:49:33 +1000, "Dragoncarer"

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Insufficient information.  Supply all relevant system
information and configuration details.

Re: DiamondMax10 weird stuttering high-pitched craziness

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DiamondMax10 SATA 16MB 250GB (on SATA 1)
Seagate Barracuda 2MB 80GB (on IDE 1)
DVD+RW (on IDE 2)
XFX 7800GT

Uhm, I'm not sure what exactly you need.

Re: DiamondMax10 weird stuttering high-pitched craziness

On Thu, 6 Oct 2005 13:07:11 +1000, "Dragoncarer"

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Work means it benchmarks at expected levels?

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"Clipping" isn't a term commonlly used to describe HDD
sounds.  Sometimes it seems even the fluid-bearing drives
can make a very faint high-pitched noise, but that is not
loud and generally not coming and going.  You should run the
HDD manufacturer's diagnostics and if you feel the noise is
excessive, try exchanging the drive.  Sometimes, even with
two (supposedly) properly working drives, one will be
quieter than the other.

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So it's a bit like a stuttering?  Do you have any other
games that stutter?

Is this drive running from an SATA port from an onboard
chip, like a Silicon Image chip maybe?

If so, I would suspect you have a PCI issue.  You might find
help with different sound card drivers, a different PCI
latency setting in the BIOS, and/or PCI Latency Tool,

If none of those help, enough, the best alternative is
probably to avoid connecting any drives you need performance
from, to the SATA ports controlled by the add-on chip.  I've
already drifted down a tangent here, if the drive is not
connected to that chip, you might try a bios update.  It is
a popular board so a search of some online forums like
http://forums.pcper.com might help, or you could ask there
in the Asus board subforum.

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I suppose it's a silly question, but are you 100% certain
the noise comes from the drive, not the speakers?  Onboard
audio often has the potential to make some odd squeal-like

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I would try playing a high resolution MPEG4 (windows media
or Divx) video clip from one drive (like an optical disc)
while copying a large file, and see if that reproduces it OR
effects the video playback.  Does your board have Gigabit
lan too, and if so, also as a chip on the PCI bus?  That
would be quite a bit of load on the bus if you're
simultaneously using the network adapter too.

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So the problem isn't present at all using the 80GB drive?
I presume the problem is only appearing in this one game so
far, or have you tried to reproduce it with other games?
How about playing an MP3 while running 3DMark?

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You are likely to find newer drivers for the network
adapter, SATA, sound, etc, from the respective chip
manufacturer than from Asus.  If you had changed any bios
settings you might recheck those too.

Sometimes people find going from ACPI to APM power
management helps but if it's really a noise coming from the
drive itself, it is a bit peculiar that it only occurs
during this one scenario.  I wouldn't think that would cause
any higher power utilization than at other gaming moments
but you might also check power supply voltages, power and
data cables.

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