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i have built a deul xeon pc  useing   a asus motherboard    the board
is brand
new the processor  chip  is nearly new  and the power supply
is 650 wat how ever
 i have a problem with this  pc  i can not think
on what is the matter with it  
when i swicth it on well it runs  for
 5 seconds the screen briefly turns  on
and it makes 2 beeping noises
and auto shut  down this is the same problem i had
b4  on the same
model of board only i kept trying to get it to work  untill the
mother board  wouldnt turn on atol so i bought a new 1 and it has the
problems what can be the problem can some 1 please  is this a
processor problem
please reply asap i spent so much money on this pc
for it not to work i am
currently useing 1 processor chip 3.2ghz 604
pin 2 gb ram pc3200 and a radeon
graphic card best reguards adrian
reilly  :crybaby:

Re: deul xeon asus ncch-dl

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Have you checked the mobo manual to see what the 2 beeps are indicating?
As its a dual board, have you got the CPU in the correct socket? When there
is only one cpu on a dual board, it has to go in a specific socket.


Re: deul xeon asus ncch-dl

On Wed, 03 May 2006 23:32:34 GMT, no@spam.invalid (Adrianreilly)

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Two beeps is a parity error, I believe.  Are you using ECC RAM?


There should be an 8 pin 12V supplemental power connector used for the
processors.  Your power supply should be dual processor ready and
either have 2 4 pin 12V connectors or 1 8 pin 12V connector.  If ALL 8
pins of that connector are not used (the 4 pin connector will fit into
the middle four pins of that connection I believe), it will turn on
for a few seconds and shut down.  I was using 2 Xeons at the time,
though, not one.  I ended up getting a dual Xeon PS and everything was
fine. HTH.


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