Desktop panning (Win XP)? Special graphics card?

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Can anyone help please? I need to configure my PC so that my Windows
XP desktop is larger than the visible display, and then be able to pan
the entire desktop, from left to right, and possibly up+down.

I've searched the net for references to this feature and found a
reference to such capabilities:

My graphics card is an All-in-Wonder 128 pro. I downloaded the ATI
Catalyst v8.1 driver but it didn't enable desktop panning. So perhaps
I need a more recent graphics card such as the Radeon 9600 pro as
mentioned by the poster in the above link.

I need a much bigger desktop at my disposal as I need to have several
applications open at once, and be able to view many of them
simultaneously. I've increased the display resolution to the maximum
setting, which certainly helped, but if I could double the size of the
XP desktop, that would be ideal. The entire desktop does not have to
be visible all at once.

I can't find any shareware that offers this capability, and unless I'm
much mistaken, I don't think it's a feature you can switch on and off
via Windows settings.

I think I read that some Nvidia graphics cards offer the panning
feature too, so that moving the mouse cursor to the the edge of the
screen, pans the display over in that direction to reveal more of the

 I'm aware of virtual desktop programs that offer several desktops,
but that's not what I want. I want smoothe seemless panning. There is
one shareware program that sort of does it: "Deskloops" but it becomes
way to sluggish when several applications are open simultaneously, and
it is difficult to pan in a way that allows you to view two
application windows together. Nor does it allow you to have two
windows, one above the other, for example.

Is large-desktop panning exclusively a feature of certain graphics

Any help/advice would be very much appreciated.


Re: Desktop panning (Win XP)? Special graphics card?

Use GiMeSpace Desktop Extender. This gives you unlimited desktop space
and no
size limitations to you window size. Also many more powerful
options and very
easy to use!

Re: Desktop panning (Win XP)? Special graphics card?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

As you point out this is functionality usually given by your graphics
drivers rather than the OS. Although it isn't quite what you are
looking for may be of interest.
I will point out though that IMHO this is a terrible idea - I've
certainly tried things like this in the past and found they simply
create hassle (just where did I leave that window?) but YMMV.

Andrew Smallshaw

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