creative soundblaster audigy

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Hi I contacted creative and they gave me a link to there vista windows
7 driver. Fine if you want mono microphone as default only option.
Can't get this to work as a sterio line in. Any solutions to this or a
better sound card please.


Re: creative soundblaster audigy

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Trying to install the drivers for soundblaster Vista version.
On installation windows displays a message.Windows has found newer
drivers click ok to continue=94 These drivers do not work.
Where is the option to saypiss of Microsoft I want the drivers that
came with the card=94 Vista does not have this option.

Re: creative soundblaster audigy

Des wrote:
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If you are disconnected from the network, during the install, it would be
difficult to download drivers. That would be your opportunity to act
as you see fit.

(Example for Windows 7) /

(Doing it in Vista - "Disable Searching Windows Update for Device Drivers")

I don't know though, if that would prevent driver resolution by files
already on your installer CD. The last time I've installed WinXP, there
were drivers for the video card already there, and they weren't VESA
drivers, they were real Nvidia and ATI drivers. And not very good ones
at that.


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