Crashes on Windows XP

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 I have just built a state of the art system but it keeps crashing.
According to the eventlog viewer the reason is "SideBySide" When I look this
up on the Microsoft website it gives me a completely incomprehensible
Something about checking my XML content, whatever that is and how do I check
I have never found any of Microsoft's advice even remotely useful. I just
feel they are making excuses for their own cockups.
Has anyone had this problem and how did you set about solving it.TIA

Re: Crashes on Windows XP

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Symantec (Norton), says SideBySide is adware !.

I suggest you Google, and investigate SBS some more.

Re: Crashes on Windows XP

 I have googled this problem and all I get is a lot of people asking the
question with nobody giving any sensible answers. It did however give me
some clues.
In the end I searched for the file and the dll mentioned sometimes in the
error messages and found that they belonged to one application only. I
uninstalled this program and so far the problem appears to be solved.
The application was Sisoft Sandra Lite 2007 for information if anyone is
having the same problem.
Thanks for replying.

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