Crash! Another fine mess I've got me into ;-)

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Hi Experts,

Over the past few days I have been building up my Win2K upgraded box with an
Intel D845GEBV2 board, Pentium 4 cpu and 1 GB of Kingston chips. I had most
of my progs installed and had applied SP4 and the Rollup. I had two tasks
remaining - upgrade the BIOS (yeah, I now know I should have done that first
<sigh!>) and troubleshoot the lack of audio. I was working on the audio -
inspecting the drivers etc - and not using a pickaxe ;-) - when the system
crashed. Sadly, this was just before I had made the ERD. If I had
anticipated that crash I would have re-made the ERD every few hours.

After the crash, it rebooted and showed the boot screen with options C: and
D:. C: was the installation I was working on when it crashed. D: was a very
basic installation of Win2K with no updates. It was my emergency "back
door." Choosing C:, it loaded the startup screen and, about 20 secs after
the progress bar reached the end, it rebooted and rebooted etc. I tried
various Safe Modes and the LKG but with no progress at all.

My experience was that I could get around the lack of an ERD at times and
Win2K would fix the boot setup, etc. So I set the BIOS to boot the CD but
when it arrived at the stage, where it might have fixed things, it could not
find the C: drive - only the D:  Booting to that that drive I could see the
C: drive and all its files.

Can anyone rescue me from having to reinstall the C: installation again? -
about 5 hours of work probably.



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