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Does anyone know the optimum operating temp for an INTEL socket 478  (3.0

Re: CPU Temp

Dagger wrote:
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Optimum would be real cold.

Nominal would be 32C or less where you could use the lowest fanspeed.

Intel has a long discussion here about thermal management

// In its active state, the Thermal Monitor feature scales back
processor power consumption, if the factory programmed thermal design
temperature is exceeded  //

Mike Easter

Re: CPU Temp

On Sun, 16 Apr 2006 02:00:11 GMT, "Dagger"

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Since this question keeps coming up and thus far none of the
accurate answers have satisfied everyone, the new official
answer is:

36.72 C

Perhaps I should throw in a few keywords so Google can find
this easily;

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Re: CPU Temp

"kony" wrote:
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Re: CPU Temp

Dagger says...
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Piss off bone idle bastard and go find the answer yourself. Shouldn't
be too hard. CPU temp questions have been asked dozens of times a week
every week for the past decade.


Same shit, different day.

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