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I plan on building a new 939 based system for my daughter who is going off
to college in the Fall and was wondering if their are any anticipted
adjustments in pricing on cpu's. I am looking to either the 3200 which is
hovering around the $200 mark currently or the 3500 which is about $50 more.

Also any recommendations on a sub $200 video card. I have been looking at
the 6600gt  based cards which  have been getting good reviews but have no
direct experience w these and have no particular preferences re ati or

Thanx in advance

Re: cpu pricing

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Check out the ATI All-in-Wonder cards.  She will need a TV too, and space
can be cramped at college.  My strategy would be to build her a media
center computer, with TV and a decent set of speakers, which will make her
stereo unnecessry as well.

These days, a good computer can replace the TV, the DVD player, and the

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Re: cpu pricing

EskWIRED@spamblock.panix.com wrote:
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If you get an ATI 600XT, remember that the remote doesn't come with it
like it does with the AGP 9600XT, so add in the cost of the remote to
the total. It isn't much fun to use the TV features on that one without
the remote.

Not quite as good of a card for gaming as the 6600GT, but it does a lot
of other tricks.


Re: cpu pricing

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Right now those 6600GTs are just about the best under-$200 card.
However that may change by the time you build :)

Re: cpu pricing

On Wed, 13 Apr 2005 10:00:14 -0500, "ed jurewicz"

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Absolutely.  They will get cheaper just like they always do-
when faster CPUs displace them in the product lineup.  At
that point you will again face the same dilemma, a faster
model at the same price-point those currently hold, or again
waiting for the next faster models to drop in price.

Point is, that's technology... buy what you need when you
need it, there is seldom a point to waiting for price-drops
as they only occur when the tech is then WORTH less because
something else has displaced it.

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Will she be gaming?  That's a good choice for median-budget
gaming card but overkill if she's not a gamer.

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