CPU fan making a LOT of noise

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I work as a volunteer at this studentcaf=E9/-bar in norway, and the
computer in our office makes more noise than the 50 or so kids playing
football (its a really, really large footballfield) outside the house.
I opened the cabinet, and managed to locate the sinner: the cpu-fan.
Since I can't imagine a fan like this can be very expensive, I thougth
I would by a new one and make the office environment better for all of
My question is: what kind of fan should i buy? How big? The cpu is an
amd athlon xp 2200+, and the fan seems pretty tiny.Can anyone help us
out? :-)


Re: CPU fan making a LOT of noise

On 29 Nov 2006 13:06:21 -0800, "chrischrisall"

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Often a cheap heatsink will skimp on the amount of metal and
use a smaller fan at higher RPM.  You may not be able to
replace only the fan, particularly if there is no way to
mount a larger diameter, though thicker might be possible.

It should be a larger diameter or thicker (or both) to
retain same cooling at a lower RPM (quieter), unless the
present fan is merely worn out and this accounts for more
noise than created previously.

Most of us aren't in Norway so it's a bit hard to know what
is available in your area.  Generally speaking the specs
that should contribute to lower noise should include (or
come as close as reasonably attainable):

Socket A
80 x 25 mm fan
Fan RPM Under 2800, ideally even lower, or under 0.13A
current spec if no RPM spec is provided.

Copper base or at least inset copper area.  It's possible to
use one with an all aluminum base but it will result in
higher temps and thus, higher fan RPM & noise to keep same
temp if all else were equal.

As for "how big", the larger the better so long as it fits
on your motherboard, as a larger fin surface area will
improve performance (all else equal) and allow mounting a
larger diameter fan on top.  

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