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Who in here is familiar with the $15 copper microfin socketA/462 from
CompUSA?   What I have now is the AMD 'factory' alluminum cooler on my
Athlon950.   No overclocking.   As I understand it, copper is a better heat
conductor than alluminum and the microfin design has more surface area.
The CompUSA replacement also has a larger and deeper fan with it.

Re: cpu cooler question

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If you're not overclocking and it's running fine, why bother? Sure it
runs a few degrees cooler but as they say,"If it ain't broke don't fix


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Star Trek? Good Lord!" - Patrick Stewart, Extras.

Re: cpu cooler question

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Ahh.   Well, simply put, my Dad has an Athlon800 that needs a cooler.  I
agreed to flip
him mine if he replaces it.

Re: cpu cooler question

On Thu, 22 Dec 2005 00:09:49 -0700, "DaveJr"

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Both of the CPUs you mentioned are relatively easy to keep
cool with so many of the later generation skt A 'sinks
designed with higher-heat CPUs in mind.

The key to a 'sink for an older chip like those is probably
to just make sure it has a decent sized and quality but low
RPM fan- no need for a loud fan on a ~ 1GHz CPU.  I don't
know what fan it uses though,  so ask, or if possible check
the label including current if no RPM spec is provided-
typically if the current is over .14A it's going to be
louder than necessary, unless it's a really small fan. Avoid
10mm thick fans, especially if diameter is only 60mm.

Re: cpu cooler question

New cooler works fine.   But in regards to my previous post about 'odd
monitor problem',  after I thought I narrowed it down to video file/driver
issue, and corrected it, the problem still came up spontaniously.
Well after blowing all the dust out of fans, etc, I even pulled out the
video card and blew out the agp slot.
And wouldn't you know it...been on all day with no spontanious blinking out.
PS..bios reports 10-15 degrees cooler on cpu.

Merry whatever all

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