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I have an Pentium 4 660 and found that the fan is the loudest fan I have
ever had. Even at fairly low rpms it is very very loud.
So I need a new cpu cooler.
Thought about the Zalman CNPS9500 but found that it has a 3-pin connector.
My motherboard has a 4-pin connector so I suppose I need an adapter. If I
manage to find one (haven't done so yet) is there any downside to 3pin
instead of 4pin. My guess is that is runs at constant speed or the ASUS MB
doesn't detect fan speed. Is this correct?

Best solution is to find a QUIET cooler that uses a 4pin connector. Any

(Price is not all-important as the current noise levels have made me ready
to pay almost anything to solve the problem.)

Re: cpu cooler 3pin/4pin

On Wed, 4 Jan 2006 23:31:24 +0000 (UTC), "Nick"

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See this,
and note whether your fan is arranged same way.

Yes, it would run at constant speed.
Quiet is relative to CPU temp (right now), you can't just
get same size fan and achieve same temps without a similarly
high RPM, noise level.   The best bet is  a sink designed
for maximum cooling then having a (different if necessary)
lower RPM fan put on it, not one of the so-called "quiet"
products as they are generally low-end junk artifically
marked up in price due to their quiet designation.  As for
makes, Zalman and Thermalright have a few though we don't
know the actual noise levels you presently encounter so it's
a bit hard to gauge what you personally consider too loud.

What was the fan RPM?  I try to select fans that don't run
faster than 3500RPM when on a fan-control circuit or under
28800RPM if not throttled in this way... buy choosing the
lower initial spec (for full power operation) there's no
chance of it going faster.  There are several ways of
limited fan RPM though, which are appealing can depend on
your desired threshold and electronics skill level.
Generally if you choose a 'sink that accepts a standard
80-92mm x 25mm thick fan you have the option of choosing
exact replacement fan you want. One quiet line would be
Panaflo, those with the "L" (Low) speed spec as designated
by the L in the part #, for example, FBA09A12L  (with more
#s after the L depending on manufacturing options).

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