Copying HD (old) to New Hard Drive

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I have just installed a new 80g hard drive, in replace of a 10g one. Anyway,
I also did a re-installation of XP, but now i realise that it would have
been so much easier to have ALL the applications and settings etc.
(basically the whole o/s) from the old 10g hard drive.
  So what is a free, and relatively easy way of doing this ?. I have seen
some posts on the www, saying ..

1. Copy n Paste by making the old 10g a slave
2. do some sort of xcopy command jobby, with /s/e/r/v /k/f/c
3. Use the maxblast diskette i made(but never needed) to make a copy during
the re-partitioning/format

I am useless with computers, but i DO know that it's not just a case of
pasting Applications, as they will not ,then, have Registry entries
assigned, which could Balls my system up.
I made 2 partitions on my new HD, 1 was 50g, the other 30g. Can i now, wipe
this new HD clean and re-format it and try again, but this time get a copy
of the old drive on it? Am i allowed to keep trying till i get it right, and
how do I acxtually DO THE COPY, I will be gratefull if somebody explains
which is the Tried and tested way.
  I have put the old 10g back in my PC to access this newsserver, as my
outlook express was playing up, hence all the posts coming at once that had
failed beforehand, NOT a case of a serial-poster... OK?

Here's Hoping ya can help me out... - Fred -   Compaq Deskpro,XP pro,
Pentium 111, 650 mhz,

Re: Copying HD (old) to New Hard Drive

If you've not put anything important on the new drive, you could always
delete the partitions on it, connect the old drive as slave and clone it to
the new drive. Most diskcopying/cloning programs have a ability to
dynamically resize partitions when cloning from a smaller disk. I suppose
even Maxblast has that..

Most learned on these newsgroups
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Re: Copying HD (old) to New Hard Drive

On Tue, 22 Nov 2005 12:00:10 +0200, "Thomas Wendell"

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Failing that, have a peek at cover disks on computer magazines...they
often feature disk cloning programs. PCPro, for example, has Paragon
Exact Image 7 this month..though you might need to check that such
programs are XP compatible.


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Re: Copying HD (old) to New Hard Drive

Fred-C wrote:
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The easiest and cheapest way to copy the hard drive is to use the
utility that came with the new hard drive.

Re: Copying HD (old) to New Hard Drive

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I have just installed a new 80g hard drive, in replace of a 10g one.
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now, wipe
a copy
right, and
that had

You can use the Maxblast Utility to make a "clone" of the old
drive/partition on the new drive. As long as the new partition size
is equal to or more than the old you are good to go. I'd repartition
the 80g to a 10g(for OS), and the remainder (70g+-) for your data.
This makes things a bit easier in the event the OS needs to be

[[Excerpt from Maxblast:
Boot from the Maxblast disk and follow instructions for-
*Installing a new or blank Master Drive (Boot drive):
Insert the MaxBlast floppy diskette or CD-ROM and reboot the system.
When MaxBlast asks if you would like to prepare the drive for use on
your system, click yes.
Note: A warning message may appear recommending to use the Windows
version of MaxBlast. The message appears when MaxBlast detects an
existing operating system on the drive. Please select "Yes" to
Select your operating system, then choose easy installation for one
large partition or choose advanced installation if you want to create
more than one partition.
After formatting, MaxBlast will provide specific instructions on how
to install the Operating System. It is very important to follow the
procedure that is outlined by MaxBlast.]]

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