Copy to CD Function is Missing

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I have posted this problem to three other WinXP help groups with very
little response. So, I thought this group might offer some expert help.

jimbo wrote:

 > I have somehow lost the capability to copy files to a CD. WinXP SP2
has always been able to select files or folders to copy, then paste to
a CD. Now there is no option to copy to CD. If I select a file or
folder to copy and then try to access a CD to paste, I get an error
message window with the mnessage: "D:\ is not accessible  Incorrect

 > There is nothing wrong with the drive because I have used CD
burning software to burn iso images to CDs.
 > Any help will be appreciated, jimbo

Here is more detail on the problem. I select a file to copy and click
"copy". then I go to My Computer and click on the CD drive and click
paste. A window pops up with a message to insert a blank CD. I insert
a blank CD and then nothing happens. I know the drive is OK because if
I insert a recorded CD in the drive it shows the files. And I
regularly use this drive to burn CD iso files to CD. And I used the
same CD to sucessfully copy files to CD from another PC. (I am not
trying to re-use that CD.)

Heeeelp! What is going on? I still suspect that some functionality has
been inadvertantly turned off.


Re: Copy to CD Function is Missing

jimbo wrote:
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That isn't a function I use but IIRC the process is a two-step: 1) drag
or otherwise copy files to the CDRW drive and they are cached in a
special directory. Later you 2) right-click on the CDRW icon and select
something like "write files to CD" (like I said, I don't actually use
the function but the wording is something like that) and if a blank CD
exists in the drive you can do the writing in some sort of wizard interface.

John McGaw
[Knoxville, TN, USA]

Re: Copy to CD Function is Missing

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I see an article on the KB, but I don't know if this will
answer your question or not.

"Description of CD-R and CD-RW recording in Windows XP"

The folks over at CDfreaks probably know the answer. There
are articles on the site, and also a user forum. (article & reviews) (user forum)


Re: Copy to CD Function is Missing

Paul wrote:
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Thanks for the help. Problem solved by uninstalling the drive, then
rebooting and letting WinXP reinstall the drive.


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