Continued Issue Vista / XP hanging

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Hi all,

Thanks for the help on my previous post.  As a reminder here is my system:

" just finished building my new rig.  Asus P5K Premium MD, 4 gig Crucial DDR
800, Intel Core 2 Duo E6850, Nvidia GTS 8800, 2 WD Caviar Sata 2 HDD, Sata
DVD rom, Sata RW DVD." Again, everything shows fine on the POST in the bios
set up.

My system still hangs on installing windows XP or Vista - Have tried both.
It hangs at different spots. I have made it as far as the copy files stage.
In either install it starts to copy and then the DVD rom (Lite on RW sata
drive) seems to stop turning. It is like it is not getting a signal to

Here is what I have done:

I installed both hard drives in a win xp sp 2 machine and they worked fine.
I formated them and moved files around

I installed vista on one of the drives while it was in the win xp sp2
machine so the vista disc is good

I tried installing that drive back into my new rig with vista on it hoping
that it would boot and the new machine cannot seem to find a bootable drive.
Seems like that should have worked

I took the lite on Sata DVD RW drive out and put it in the win xp 2 machine
and it worked fine (ran video, transfered files etc)

I have 4 sticks of crucial 1 g ddr2 800 memory.  I only installed two at a
time and keeping them in their pairs tried switching them into the slots. So
unless they are all bad it should not be the memory. So with only 2 sticks
in at a time in the proper slots I should not be dealing with the 3gig 32
bit issue or QVL (this memory is approved for 2 slots in this MB)

My graphics card works fine and it would appear that the cpu works fine (not
sure how to test these)

My audigy 2 sound card does not seem to be an issue

My power supply is an Anetc Phantom 500w and that seems to be working fine.
Heat sink is a Thermaltake 120a. seems to keep the cpu at around room temp.
It is very big though.

The only thing I have changed in the Bios is the boot order (cdrom first),
disabled the 3.5" 1.44 floppy, and disabled the onboard sound so there is no

I'm really hoping it is not the MB.  Any thoughts guys.  I'm pretty much at
a loss here.  Config issues?

Re: Continued Issue Vista / XP hanging

Hey Bluenose, I'm getting the exact same Issues as you.
Others do, too,

Please read this thread, where I posted (as raynor).

It is a shame, but there seems to be something seriously wrong with the
Premium and its SATA Controller.

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