conflict in SPKR header and Case leads

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I'm having a slow go with connecting a pc-chips 825g v9.2a mob into an
Aspire XQPack/420 case/frame.  The documentation is skimpy but I've
bolted a few pc together with inexpensive mobs and cases before.

At the moment I'm stumped on connecting a cheap case speaker to the

The case provides a black lead and an orange lead in a 3 lead
receptacle: top black, middle unused, bottom orange.
The mob SPK1 Internal Speaker Header is a column of 4 green-block pins
with pin 1 closest to the front edge of the mob. MOB sheet for "Jumper
settings and I/O Interface" says:
         pin 1  +5V
         pin 2 NC
         pin 3 GND
         pin 4 SPKR
My guess is the black should connect to the GND.
I'm a lot less confident but it seems to me the orange ought to connect
to SPKR.
Or should the Orange connect to the +5V and the black connect to the

I sure would appreciate it if the voice of experience shed some light
here before I blow something.


Re: conflict in SPKR header and Case leads


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Don't connect the 5V, it should be + speaker to "SPKR" and -
speaker to GND.  Do you even need this cheap case speaker
though?  I usually put 'em in a drawer and only hook one up
if I need to hear post beeps for diagnostics purposes.

Re: conflict in SPKR header and Case leads

The only pins of interest are 1 and 4. The speaker polarity is
irrelevant. On the motherboard SPKR is connected to an open collector
transistor with a current limiting resistor is series with it

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