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Hey, My friend has a computer, about 2 1/2 years old.  Never had a
problem with it, I built it for him.  Anyway, he is calling me out of
state and the computer wont turn on anymore.  My first assumption is
that its a power supply issue.  It wont even light up or do anything.
But the thing is, the mouse is still receiving power because it lights
up red on the bottom.  Any other causes? or could the power supply
still be the issue?

Hes runnin a athlon 1800+
MSI motherboard
Geforce 4 card
Also has 256 or 512 ddr ram
With a pretty generic case/power supply

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Re: Computer wont turn

make sure someone has not switched the power supply from 115v to 230v.
seen it before.


pepsico wrote:
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Re: Computer wont turn

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It might be almost anything but if I had to make an educated guess I would
check the following.

1. Based on the service calls I've had, not all users realize the power cord
can come unplugged or loose at the power supply and only check the wall plug
end of the power cord.

2. Remove all optional circuit cards not needed to drive the monitor.
Remove all data/power cables to drives.  Reseat memory module(s).  See if
the unit now powers up and complains it can not find anything to boot from.
If it does you may still have a failing or weak power supply.  Power down
and start adding components and see if it still boots.  Power supplies do
fail from time to time but the problem may still be another problem.

3. Replace CPU fan if it does not turn on or runs very slowly and is not one
of the newer ones that run different speeds based on CPU temp.  Some
motherboards will not boot if the CPU fan fails to start.

4. Check or replace the reset/power switch the user normally turns it on

Good luck, long distance troubleshooting can be frustrating...

Re: Computer wont turn

Check inside the box for dust build up.Make sure fans aren't clogged. Had a
customer recently whose hard drive was dead. Opened the boax and there was
about an inch of dust between the HD and case(it was mounted vertically).

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Re: Computer wont turn

On 22 Jun 2005 21:35:52 -0400, pepsico

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Given a system that has remained static, not moved, no parts
added or removed, and no recent (home) power problems like
lightning strikes/etc, odds are it is a component that wears
over time.

These include:  hard drive, fans, power supply and/or
motherboard capacitors.

The mouse lighting up isn't evidence of a (properly) working
(anything-in-particular), in fact the mouse would light up
even if most of the parts were dead (but not shorting out
tot he extent that it tripped the power supply overcurrent

Since the system is remote and we don't know the competence
of the owner, it is a bit difficult to make suggestions.
The friend could open the case and inspect the capacitors
for buldging, leaky tops or bottoms and/or vented (cracked)
tops.  They could take voltage readings and try clearning
the CMOS.  They could strip system down to bare essentials
such as CPU, heatsink/fan, 1 memory module.

Beyond these things, the decision would have to be made
whether they have (or want to buy) spare parts to swap in,
or take it to someone who can handle it locally.  Because
it's a generic power supply, odds are high that it is the
problem, but it could easily be something else instead.

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