Computer Upgrade Confusion

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I am wanting to upgrade my HP computer. The motherboard that is in it
does not have an AGP slot and I could use one. My plan is to get a new
motherboard, case, and video card. However I have ran into some
confusion when I was looking at motherboards at I am not
really sure what motherboard will work with the CPU I have. This is what
HP says my system is:

       Base processor

Intel Pentium4 / 2.6 GHz
400MHz front side bus
Socket mPGA478


Motherboard manufacturer
Processor Brand

Processor Socket Type

Processor Family
P4 and Celeron (Willamette, Northwood)

Proc. Front Side Bus Freq.
    400 MHz

My processor is a P4 and I have confirmed with a program called CPUinfo
that the FSB is 400mhz and it is a socket 478 (FC-PGA2) Pentium 4 Northwood.

Now here is where the trouble begins. When I go to newegg and select a
400mhz FSB Socket 478 motherboard, they have no matches. However if I
choose a 533/400 mhz FSB Socket 478 I get a match. An exemple of which
is here

Mostly what I see is motherboards that will take a P4/Celeron or a P4
Prescott/Celeron. I saw Northwood metioned once, but thats on a board
that is only listed as a 533 mhz FSB.

I have built computers before, but the last time I did was a Slot P3, so
to say I am out of touch is being nice really.  I have heard that there
are 2 different sockets for the P4 and with the Prescott/Northwood stuff
I pretty much got confused.

Could anyone let me know if the motherboard I linked to above would work
with my CPU or maybe post a link to one that would work.

I do apologize for this post being so long. I just wanted to be as clear
as I could since I am not to sure at this point what I am talking about.

Thanks in Advance,

Re: Computer Upgrade Confusion

All socket 478 boards are backward compatible, what you really need to watch
is the type of memory as they differ depending on the chipset, 800,533 or
400 MHz boards as long as they are socket 478 will be OK.

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Re: Computer Upgrade Confusion

Chris wrote:
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Thank You.

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